4-8 Ueno Park, 2014 - 2015

    283 mixed media parts from the physical archive of 12 events


    The white cube, whose dimension's are 4m×4m×4m cube, was built by Hamaguchi with assistance from local carpenters as an event space located at Ueno park. (Ueno park is the big public park in Tokyo. The site's address is; 4-8, Ueno Park) Hamaguchi lent the space to some performers and event organizers during the year. In total, 12 events were held at the site. For example, Tea ceremony, Sumo, Wine seminar, Tarot reading, etc. After each event, nothing was removed or cleaned up in preparation for the next event. All of the items used in each event were left to pile up. After all the events were finished, Hamaguchi decomposed the architecture into 283 pieces; each the dimension of 50cm×50cm. Each piece became an independent object and the physical archive of the architecture contained the all the event's elements which were held there.The physical archive was exhibited in the grounds of Tokyo University of the Arts and then again in the Tokyo museum of the Arts for th e undergraduate thesis exhibition 2015.























































    Installation view, Tokyo University of the Arts, Ibaraki, 2015




    ©︎ Shuichiro Mouri, Motoharu Yagi