Space Watcher, 2018 - Present

    Drywall, house paint, photo emulsion

    11" x 11" x 11" each


    Hamaguchi makes a pinhole camera out of drywall—the same material most walls are made from today. It takes the shape of the corner of a room and is coated inside with photo emulsion. Then she sets the camera in the corner of the room. The camera records the duration of an event that happens in the space. After finishing the recording, she develops the entire structure as a photograph. The room is directly recorded onto the camera, appearing as a cube projected onto the interior of a triangular pyramid. Moving forms blur or disappear entirely. This work can be installed as a camera that records the duration of an exhibition. She often also includes the developed results of recordings of other events that previously happened in the same space.














    First, second, third, fourth, and last images courtesy of Susumu Okada








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