Crystal Passage, 2015

    Carpets, crystals, photographs on OHP transparency

    Dimensions variable

    Small glass crystal bottles and a Persian carpet were purchased from a market. Careful photographs were taken of the carpet details and printed on to OHP film. The photographs were inserted into the crystal bottles. At certain viewing angles the reflections appear and disappear. The objects are set at specific angles to create a visual illusion that is only perceivable from certain site lines.






    Business Card, 2012 - Present

    Set of business cards with 100 individual images

    3.5" x 2" each



    Hamaguchi's business cards each present a different photograph of a large crowd on a street in Tokyo. Each image is composed of different groups of people on the same street with the artist appearing somehwere in each photograph. Because the nature of a business card exchange is to recieve only a single card, recipients cannot compare the images on each card to find the common link, so her image and location remain lost in the crowd. The photographs were not digitally edited but were rather taken by using the naturally occuring compression effect of a super telephoto lens.






    The Reflection, 2011

    80 mirrors, monitor, small camera, steel frame



    80 mirrors mounted on a steel framework reflect the viewers movements in the exhibition space. Mounted amongst the many mirrors is one video monitor of equal size. The monitor is connected to a small camera which displays a video image of the viewers passing in front of the work. People are generally accustomed to seeing their reflection in mirrors and perceive the reflection as correct. When the viewers see their image in the video monitor they perceive a strange sensation of themselves because the video image is opposite to the images reflected in the mirrors.