Invisible Cities, 2019

    20 cardboard boxes 3'x 3'x 3' each, 20 LED lights, various objects

    Final installation dimensions variable


    Hamaguchi investigates the ancient technology of the camera obscura as a method for making sculptural objects. In her installation, the structure of the camera obscura is inverted. Instead of an image from the surroundings being projected inside of a dark chamber through a pinhole, the image of the object inside of a bright chamber is projected outwards into a darkened exterior space. Viewers bring the blurry images on the walls into focus with a lens that they share among themselves. This interactive installation allows the viewer to engage and play with the images they see in the space. The aim of the project is to propose an alternative way of seeing that emphasizes an active approach to viewing rather than the passive one that has become the norm with the constant flow of images in our environment today. Additionally, the objects inside of the boxes relate to the exhibition space's surrounding neighborhood and its history, producing towers of images that analogize the local city block.











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