Delivery Service, 2013

    25 cardboard boxes 24"x16"x12" each, delivery person

    Final installation dimensions variable


    In "Delivery Service", Hamaguchi had the famous Japanese delivery company's logo (the equivalent of FedEx in the U.S.) printed as an enlarged image and spread accross 25 cardboard boxes. She sent each box to the exhibition site by utilizing the delivery company and specified in advance the arrival time so the delivery happened during the exhibition period. Three times a day, boxes were delivered by the company's delivery person. As the 25 boxes arrived over the course of the exhibition, Hamaguchi let the delivery person place them without intervention. As a result, the company’s logo was fragmented via its random relocation by a worker just doing their daily job. The original image was dissolved, gathered again, and a new abstract image was gradually created in the exhibition.
    The original logo is deconstructed onto the 25 cardboard boxes before they are delivered








    Installation view, Chinretsukan Gallery, Tokyo, 2013








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