Delivery Service, 2013

    cardboard boxes, delivery man


    This art work uses the Japanese delivery system for its creation. The famous Japanese delivery company's logo (like FedEx in U.S.) was printed by the artist as an enlarged image. It was deconstructed onto the 25 cardboard boxes appearing as image fragments on each individual box. Hamaguchi sends each box to the exhibition site by utilizing the delivery company and specifies in advance the arrival time so the delivery happens during the exhibition period. During the exhibition days, each box is shipped by the company's delivery man everyday, 3 times a day - 12pm to 2pm, 2pm to 4pm and 4pm to 6pm. When a total of 25 boxes arrive, Hamaguchi does not arrange the position, but rather she gives the control of the arrangement to the delivery person who is just doing their daily work. The original image is dissolved, gathered again, and the new image is created gradually in the exhibition, unconsciously.



    The original logo is deconstructed onto the 25 cardboard boxes before those are delivered








    Installation view, Chinretsukan Gallery, Tokyo, 2013