Welcome Home Traveler, 2020

    Video, 59 min.


    Welcome Home Traveler is a video that records the duration of the darkroom development of analog photographs. As the black and white images emerge on the surface of the blank photopaper, they reveal the details of seemingly private domestic interiors before turning completely dark as Hamaguchi allows the photographic image to overdevelop. In actuality, the photographs originated from public Airbnb listings. The fading images embody the transient nature of Airbnb while emphasizing the apparent paradox of private homes viewed on a public platform. Photography, the medium we most often use today to permanently fix a memory with an image, is made fleeting. This temporality reflects the constant flow of guests in and out of Airbnbs. Although the images appear to be intimate windows into private lives, they are more like passageways through time and space.










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