Observer's Eye, 2012

    2 cameras, lens, tripod, analog photograph colour

    24" x 8.5" each


    Hamaguchi prepares a camera installation that simultaneously captures the photographer's eye and the subject the photographer is taking. Both images are captured simultaneously by the release. Hamaguchi then brings the camera on the street and asks passers‐by to take a photo with the camera, letting them choose whatever subject they want. Hamaguchi exhibits the resulting photos of both the photographer's eye and the subject as a pair alongside the camera installation. The photos reveals the moment the eye finds its subject in the viewfinder — an instant that would otherwise never be seen. In the photographs, the photographer's eye and the subject they see are both out of focus, but the focus marks of each camera are in focus.










    Installation view, Tokyo University of the Arts Toride Museum, Ibaraki, 2012








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